Reset (3 pack)

Pack of 3 rubber reset/squelch buttons for the Motorola Minitor V pager.

The original worn out reset button can easily be replaced in just a few minutes without glue or disassembling the pager, with these replacement buttons.

The price includes 3 rubber reset/squelch pads for the Minitor 5 pager.

Instructions: To replace the Motorola Minitor 5 reset button, first you need remove the old button, then press the new rubber reset pad in place. There is no need to disassemble the Minitor V pager to replace the reset button. Just press the new rubber button firmly in place and ensure all edges of the new rubber button are flat against the plastic housing.

The original rubber squelch button is glued into the pager housing. You will need to completely remove the old rubber reset pad and glue residue before installing the new Minitor V squelch button. For proper function it's important that all of the old rubber from the original reset button be removed before installing the new button. The original glue used on the Motorola Minitor 5 pager housing is a rubber cement, which can easily be removed with with tweezers.

The replacement Minitor V reset button can simply be pressed into the housing. Unlike the original button, there is no need to glue the this replacement reset button in place. This button has a lip on the bottom which holds it in place.

This replacement rubber squelch button has been precisely engineered for a prefect fit. Once properly installed it will work like the original button. Because the new replacement button not glued into the housing, it can easily be replaced in just a few seconds, should it wear out.

Note: The squelch switch inside the pager could be bad. If the physical squelch switch (inside the pager) is bad, this rubber reset pad will not fix the pager. Repeated use of the squelch switch without a rubber pad can cause the squelch switch to prematurely wear out or function intermittently. If the squelch switch inside the pager is bad you will need to send in the pager for repair by downloading the repair form.

Reset (3 pack)

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