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Minitor 5 parts

Model: Minitor 5 battery
Aftermarket Minitor V (5) pager battery pack.Quantity discounts available.Note: Motorola has discontinued the Minitor 5 batteries. There are no original Motorola batteries available anymore. These batteries are aftermarket Minitor 5 batteries...
Brand: Motorola Solutions, Inc. Model: Minitor 5 belt clip
Motorola original Minitor V pager clip with spring action. This is an original Motorola part, not an aftermarket clip.This is a Motorola original belt clip so you know it will fit properly and last.Look for the Motorola name and logo molded into the clip to ensure you are getting a Motorola original..
Brand: P&W Service Center Model: PWS-M5R
Pack of 3 rubber reset/squelch buttons for the Motorola Minitor V pager.The original worn out reset button can easily be replaced in just a few minutes without glue or disassembling the pager, with these replacement buttons.The price includes 3 rubber reset/squelch pads for the Minitor 5 pager..
Brand: Motorola Solutions, Inc. Model: Minitor 5 charger
Used Motorola Minitor V pager standard charger with power supply. This is a Motorola original Minitor V pager charger with a 90 day warranty.The picture is a stock picture, it is not the actual charger you will receive...
Brand: Motorola Solutions, Inc. Model: Minitor V battery lock (pack of 3)
Motorola original Minitor V battery lock (pack of 3)Helps fix the intermittent battery problem some of the Minitor V pagers experience from the worn out plastic lock...
Model: Minitor 5 amp charger
New Motorola original Minitor V amplified charger with antenna and power supply.Select band split when ordering to receive the correct antenna if you need one.(Pager and battery not included)..
Brand: Motorola Solutions, Inc. Model: Minitor 5 knob
Brand New Motorola original Minitor V knob. This is for the volume knob. The stored voice selector knob is no longer available.This knob can be difficult to replace. Typically the pager needs to be disassembled, then the circuit board removed. The old knob can be cut out with a dyke (wire c..
Model: Minitor V Pager Programming Interface
This is the complete Minitor V programming kit. It includes everything you need to program a Minitor V pager except the software. Click the link below to download the softwareThe programmer plugs into a serial port of the computer. If you only have a USB port then you will need a USB adapter..
Model: Minitor V knob coupler
This is the black plastic coupler that connects the knob (not shown or included) to the switch inside the pager. This part sometimes cracks and needs to be replaced at the same time the knob is replaced.If you are buying one of these for each knob, you are wasting your money. Maybe 1 out of 10..
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