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Minitor 6 Knob (qty 1)

Minitor 6 Knob (qty 1)
Minitor 6 Knob (qty 1)

New original Motorola knobs for the Minitor 6 pager.

Difficulty level 2 to install, on a 1-10 scale

Choose either the volume for selector knob (both shown in the picture for reference). If you need both, add 1 knob of each to your cart.

Replacing the knob is relatively easy to do. To remove the old knob, grasp the knob with your fingers, then pull straight up on the knob. DO NOT twist the knob or pry the knob off at an angle, this can damage the pager.

If the knob doesn't pull off, use a small screwdriver under the knob to help pull it off. Sometimes the metal sleeve will not come off with the knob, the sleeve needs to be removed before installing the new knob.

To install the new knob, press it onto the metal shaft, observing the indent. It should press on easily. DO NOT force the knob on, it should press on with your thumb.

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  • Model: Minitor 6 knob

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