Minitor 5 parts

Minitor 5 parts

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Minitor V (5) pager battery pack.Quantity discounts available.Note: Motorola has discontinued the Mi..


Belt clip - OEM

Motorola original Minitor V pager clip with spring action. This is an original Motorola part, not an..



Motorola Minitor V pager standard charger with power supply. This is a Motorola original Minitor V p..


Reset (3 pack)

Pack of 3 rubber reset/squelch buttons for the Motorola Minitor V pager.The original worn out reset ..


Refresh kit

Has your Minitor V pagers seen better days? do you need to replace some parts?Now you can buy all th..



This is the complete Minitor V programming kit. It includes everything you need to program a Minitor..


Used amp charger

Used Motorola original Minitor V amplified charger with antenna and power supply. Includes 90 day wa..



Brand New Motorola original Minitor V knob. Choose either the volume for selector knob. If you ..


Lock (3 pack)

Motorola original Minitor V battery lock (pack of 3)Helps fix the intermittent battery problem some ..


Knob coupler

This is the black plastic coupler that connects the knob (not included) to the switch inside the pag..