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Crab eye-nut opener tool

Crab eye-nut opener tool
Crab eye-nut opener tool

New Crab eye-nut opener tool for the Minitor 6 pager.

This tool is used to remove the nuts that hold the Minitor 6 volume and channel selector knob in place.

The tool has 2 small tabs that fit in the crab nut slots, allowing the nuts to be removed.

WARNING this is a delicate tool. If you do not align the tabs correctly or twist with too much force, the tabs can break off, rendering the tool useless. All tools are brand new and checked prior to shipping. Returns for broken/damaged tabs are not permitted.

We do not accept returns of this tool under any circumstances. This is to prevent someone from using the tool, then returning it after using the tool.

We provide no technical support for this item. Returns are not accepted.
  • Model: Crab eye-nut opener tool
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