Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

Note: The VHF model is only available with the relay option. We have some non-relay low-band and UHF in stock.


  •  Instant alert and notification of emergency situations 
  •  High efficiency 85db(A) 4" speaker for tone and voice  
  •  DTMF and Two-Tone decoding-standard 
     RS232 port for unlimited reprogramming the operating system  
  •  Windows based software for easy, unlimited external programming  
  •  Optional EAS/SAME or Federal Signal Digital Protocols 
  •  Easily adaptable for the hearing impaired  
  •  Battery Back-up Standard  
  •  Tone-Coded for Digital Coded Squelch option

Also Available with a Dual Relay option, use these relays to turn on lights, open the garage doors or you can be creative and use them for any number of options.

Note: The relay can't drive devices directly. The relay does not supply power and can not handle high currents or voltages. The relay acts as a switch to turn on/off other devices. The auto out (relay version only) can not drive speakers directly.

Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

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