Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

Note: The VHF model is only available with the relay option. We have some new (old stock) non-relay low-band and UHF available.


  •  Instant alert and notification of emergency situations 
  •  High efficiency 85db(A) 4" speaker for tone and voice  
  •  DTMF and Two-Tone decoding-standard 
     RS232 port for unlimited reprogramming the operating system  
  •  Windows based software for easy, unlimited external programming  
  •  Optional EAS/SAME or Federal Signal Digital Protocols 
  •  Easily adaptable for the hearing impaired  
  •  Battery Back-up Standard  
  •  Tone-Coded for Digital Coded Squelch option

Dual Relay - use these relays to turn on lights, open the garage doors or you can be creative and use them for any number of options. Also includes an audio out connection.

Note: The relay can't drive devices directly. The relay does not supply power and can not handle high currents or voltages. The relay acts as a switch to turn on/off other devices. The audio out (relay version only) can not drive speakers directly.

Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

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