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Minitor 7 pager by Motorola

Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola
Minitor 7 pager by Motorola

New for 2024 - Motorola Minitor 7 pager

A few things to note about the Minitor 7 pager

  • Minitor 6 pagers can still be ordered until stock is gone (around July - August)
  • The Minitor 7 only comes in a 5 channel IS (Intrinsically Safe) version
  • The Minitor 7 is about $45 more than a Minitor 6 pager with 5 channels
  • If you use a 1 channel Minitor 6 the Minitor 7 is about $90 more expensive
  • You will need a new programmer for the Minitor 7 pager
  • Nothing on the Minitor 6 fits on the Minitor 7 except the battery (see below)
  • Overall the Minitor 7 is a refreshed Minitor 6 pager, they both basically work exactly the same

Introductory trade in promotion

  • Maximum pager trade-in value shown below
  • Up to $100 for Minitor VI (6) pagers
  • Up to $75 for VHF or UHF (not low band) Minitor V (5) pagers
  • Up to $50 for older Motorola Minitor pagers
  • New Minitor 7 pagers must be Invoiced before Sep 30, 2024
  • Trade in's are 1-for-1 (buy 10 pagers - trade in 10 pagers)
  • Must buy a minimum quantity of 5 pagers before trade in's will be accepted
  • The pagers must be in good working order to receive the maximum value
  • Don't send in a bunch of broken pagers expecting to receive a high trade in value
  • This promotion is offered by a 3rd party, do not send trade in's to P&W as we have no control over the trade in program or the value given

Download trade in form

Download trade in terms

Price shown Includes: 5 channels - Battery Pack - Standard Charger - Belt Clip - Two Year Pager Warranty

We do not program Minitor 7 pagers. You will either need to have a programming kit, or have someone program the pager for you.

Selecting the amplified charger option will replace the standard charger with an amp charger and antenna.

Minitor 7 Pager Features:

  • 20 minutes of voice memory
  • 10 tone sets and 5 long tones per channel
  • 2 year Motorola warranty
  • Tone and vibrate alerting
  • Intrinsically safe (UL)
  • Message management: Next/Prev, FF/RWD, DEL, Lock/Unlock
  • Programmable alerts and vibrate profiles
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • Customizable alert tones and memo announcements
The Minitor 7 pager includes a standard USB charger and power supply. The charger can be plugged into the wall with the included power supply or the charger can be plugged into any USB outlet with a USB cable (not included).

The Minitor 7 battery is the same as a Minitor 6 pager, however the Minitor 7 comes as Intrinsically Safe by default, while the Minitor 6 did not. This means to keep the Minitor 7 pager IS (Intrinsically Safe) rating, an IS battery must be used.

The Intrinsically safe rating is only valid while using a Motorola original battery (PMNN4438). If you use Motorola battery (PMNN4451) or the Minitor 6 battery tray, the pager is no longer Intrinsically Safe rated.

The Minitor 7 clip is detachable so if the clip breaks you can just replace the clip rather than the entire back housing. The back housing has been reinforced around the clip area to prevent the back from breaking.

Located on the front of the Motorola Minitor 7 pager are 3 buttons that control the stored voice playback. You can fast forward/rewind/delete or lock the stored voice message with these buttons.

On top of the Minitor 7 pager is a channel selector knob which has 8 positions (same as the Minitor 6 pagers). Each position on the knob can be customized for tone or vibrate alert.

The Minitor VI pager comes in a 5 channel model with priority scan. The scan can only scan two channels not all 5 channels. However each knob position can scan any two channels. So the pager could scan F1 & F2 on knob position "A" then scan F3 & F4 in knob position "B".

5 Channel IS VHF 151-158.995MHz part number A03JAC9KA1AN

5 Channel IS UHF  450-486.995MHz part number A04RAC9KA1AN

UL Approval labels are attached to the MINITOR 7 UL models to identify the unit as being UL Approved for specified hazardous atmospheres.

6 or more $468.00
12 or more $463.00
21 or more $455.00
  • Model: Minitor 7 pager

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