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ASTRO Spectra Plus XTL5000 programmer

ASTRO Spectra Plus XTL5000 radio programmer.This is the programming cable only. We do not sell the s..



Motorola original Minitor VI battery pack.Select either regular or Intrinsically Safe (UL) when orde..



Minitor II knobs.Specify knob when ordering.Note: Only "round" knobs are available as shown in ..



Motorola original Advisor II pager lens. Purchase 5 or more and save $1.75 per lens...


Used Minitor II housing with belt clip

Minitor II used housings. Availability is limited to stock on hand.All housing are gray in color.The..


Used Minitor V pager

We have a limited stock of used Minitor V pagers. The bandsplits show are what we currently have in ..


Battery tray

Motorola original Minitor VI battery tray.Uses 3 AAA batteries. Not rechargeable.Note: If you have a..



Motorola Minitor VI standard charger with power supply. This is a brand new Motorola Minitor VI char..



Motorola original Advisor II clear holster with clip. Purchase 5 or more holsters and save $2.50 per..


Amp charger

Motorola Minitor VI (6) amplified charger with antenna and power supply.The amp charger has a relay ..


Advisor II+ pager

The Motorola ADVISOR II+ pager provides exciting capabilities in messaging and can become a vital pa..


Belt clip

Motorola original Minitor VI pager clip with spring action.This is a Minitor VI clip with the attach..



Motorola original programming kit. Programs both the Minitor III and Minitor IV pagers. Include..



Motorola original Advisor II programming hardware. Includes cradle, cable and power supply. Connects..


Used standard charger

Used Motorola charger for Minitor III and Minitor IV pagers...