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Minitor 6 Charging contacts

Minitor 6 Charging contacts
Minitor 6 Charging contacts

New original Motorola charging contact assembly for the Minitor 6 pager. Includes mounting bracket and rubber grommets.

Difficulty level 6 to install, on a 1-10 scale

Replacing the charging contacts can be difficult, it's recommended that only a trained technician replace it. You can easily damage the pager attempting to replace this part.

A crab eye nut opener is recommended, which allows you to to remove the circuit board. The charging contacts can be replaced without a crab eye nut opener, but it's more difficult and not recommended. A Torx 6 screwdriver is required to remove the back housing.

We provide no technical support for this item. Returns are not accepted.

  • Model: Minitor 6 charging contacts
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