Refresh kit

Has your Minitor V pagers seen better days? do you need to replace some parts?

Now you can buy all the common Minitor V parts together and save with our Minitor V pager refresh kit.

Minitor V refresh kit includes:

  • qty 1 New battery
  • qty 1 Motorola original clip
  • qty 1 rubber reset button
  • qty 1 metal battery lock
  • qty 1 SV selector knob

New battery - over time batteries wear out and slowly lose the ability to hold a full charge. The kit includes 1 new Minitor 5 battery.

New clip - frequently the plastic retainer tab will break off the clip, allowing the clip to slide off the pager. The refresh kit includes a new Motorola original clip.

Reset pad - the rubber reset pad wears out over time. The kit includes 1 replacement reset pad which is easily replaced (no glue or disassembly required). To replace the reset button - completely remove the old rubber reset pad and the glue residue, then push the new button into the housing.

Metal battery lock - the original battery lock was plastic which wears out over time. When the lock wears out, the pager can turn on/off at random times. The kit includes 1 metal replacement lock, which will never wear out.

Selector knob - often the outer black cover of the knob falls off, preventing the stored voice play back. The kit includes 1 stored voice selector knob (A-B-C-D) for the pager. (Sorry non-SV knobs are not available). Warning - this knob can be difficult to replace. The pager must be disassembled, then the white lip of the knob must be cut off before the new knob can be installed.

See our technical help section for more info in replacing the parts above.

Refresh kit

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