$379 - Minitor VI (6) pager by Motorola

The Minitor VI pager is the next generation of fire pagers from Motorola.Price shown Includes: Batte..



Motorola original Minitor V (5) pager battery pack.Quantity discounts available. Here at P&..


Belt clip - OEM

Motorola original Minitor V pager clip with spring action. This is an original Motorola part, not an..



Motorola original Minitor VI battery pack.Select either regular or Intrinsically Safe (UL) when orde..


Reset (3 pack)

Pack of 3 rubber reset/squelch buttons for the Motorola Minitor V pager.The original worn out reset ..



Brand New Motorola original Minitor V knob. Choose either the volume for selector knob. If you ..