$379 - Minitor VI (6) pager by Motorola

The colored housings are only available for the VHF non-Intrinsically safe pagers.Price shown Includ..



Motorola original Minitor V (5) pager battery pack.Quantity discounts available. Here at P&..



Motorola original Minitor VI battery pack.Select either regular or Intrinsically Safe (UL) when orde..


Belt clip - OEM

Motorola original Minitor V pager clip with spring action. This is an original Motorola part, not an..



Brand New Motorola original Minitor V knob. Choose either the volume for selector knob. If you ..


Reset (3 pack)

Pack of 3 rubber reset/squelch buttons for the Motorola Minitor V pager.The original worn out reset ..